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Would you trust a blind person to safely drive you around?

Guest Post
By: Ken D. Webber

Every single person on this planet has a switch within their head. When it is switched on then every single person alive will hear voices in their head, including James Randi. We call these voices... dreams. That switch is a chemical switching system called the aminergic/cholinergic system and uses two neurochemicals, amines and cholines. There is a triangular teeter-totter balance between dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine. In a normal functioning aminergic/cholinergic system only one chemical at a time is in operation. While awake your brain is primarily flooded with serotonin. When asleep your brain is flooded with acetylcholine. Changing the mix affects how electricity flows within the brain and body. During the course of your day you use up your body's electrical charge and while dreaming, just like a battery in a charger, you recharge the body and reset the mind. It is the belief of some that anytime you witness someone sleep walking or having a night terror there is a glitch occurring in their aminergic/cholinergic system.


"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." --- James Dean


My dreams of a career in art and music were temporarily interrupted in 2008 when I faced death. The mask came down, I breathed in the gas and disappeared from consciousness so the brain surgeon could do his job. The surgeon was removing a rare, recently-discovered, brain tumor that had unknowingly played havoc in my brain for the past 20 years. That havoc included seeing things that others could not see and hearing voices that others could not hear. When you dream you talk to "people" and believe them to be real. When you wake you no longer believe they are real because you are no longer in the same frequency domain. Your frequency shifts, moving from around two to four hertz to somewhere around seven hertz. When that shift occurs the reality that you find yourself "assembled" on is no longer the same. We call this a shift in your assemblage point. Your reason for no longer believing in the validity of the dream "person" is that they no longer exist... but that's from YOUR shifting viewpoint. From another perspective, when someone, who we shall label for purposes of discussion, a seer, looks at the average person, they see them as wearing a blindfold. That blindfold is a product of a properly functioning aminergic/cholinergic system that blocks out other frequency domains so they cannot be seen or heard. And this is where we step off into the world of the paranormal, because there is a point to be made here... that frequency domain does not cease to exist just because YOU can no longer perceive it. When you get in your car, and you leave the mountains for the forrest, those mountains do not cease to exist just because you cannot see them through the blindfold of the trees! Think about what I'm saying with that last sentence.

There are people who go through years of secret mystery-school rituals and meditations in order to become a seer, to change their assemblage point at will and remain lucid and aware. Such a person is called enlightened, because they no longer wear the "blinder" that others exist with. We call these people seers, shamans, and yogis. In rare cases, a person is naturally born pre-wired to be a seer and we call that person a medium, because they perceive a frequency domain that a "blind" person cannot perceive. Sometimes, for whatever reason, many times genetic, a person begins hearing voices and seeing visions and cannot differentiate between the two and so cannot function properly in society because they are overwhelmed with sensory data. We label such a person as crazy and say they are schizophrenic. Doctors say that such a condition is primarily caused by an excess of amines, mainly dopamine, which most likely would prevent the brain from adequately resetting during sleep. In the case of my brain, I had developed a slow-growing brain tumor from a chemical exposure I received in my time spent in the Marine Corps. That tumor put pressure on the brain, throwing my aminergic/cholinergic system out of whack.

In the 1999 movie "Stir of Echoes" starring Kevin Bacon, the main character's brain is affected, not by chemicals, but by the act of hypnosis, suddenly changing him from a normal "blind" person into the world of those who "have eyes to see and ears to hear." Like an open door, once he became a seer he could no longer unsee! The word "initiation" is a word that originally meant more or less that you "couldn't go back." Once you see, it is practically impossible to unsee.

"Very nice," I said. But why did you bring me up here?"

"It's time for you to see the fnords," he replied.

--- Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminatus Trilogy


Skeptics will only believe what their "blind" eyes can see. They perceive less than an advanced yogi or shaman and yet foolishly claim to know more. Sort of like a skunk that says, "What are you talking about, what smell?" But there are others that share this planet that dance together with ghosts. We make bets against death. We get it. You believe what the "blind" have taught you... in their complete ignorance of the workings of the aminergic/cholinergic system and their lack of arcane knowledge? I'll believe what I know and I'll place my bet upon the table.

"For No One Really Dies" --- Ken D. Webber